Car Storage Units Albuquerque

Modern sports cars, old-school automobiles, luxury vehicles, classics, and collectables—yes, cars are expensive, and keeping them in great condition is important!

At ABQ North Storage, we recognize the value your vehicles hold to you and have dedicated ourselves to ensuring their protection! With 10’ x 16′ to 18′ x 27′ car storage units and a variety of features and amenities, we’re able to easily accommodate any type or size of vehicle, from compact cars to pickup trucks!

Store It, Secure It, Protect It!

In Albuquerque, car storage units present multiple benefits to car owners, from safety and security to saved money and peace of mind. Here are some of the many reasons you should keep your car in our Albuquerque car storage units!

Safety & Security
Car theft is an evident problem in Albuquerque. It doesn’t matter if your car is locked up in the garage, back yard, or carport—day or night, thieves will find a way to take what isn’t theirs. Furthermore, many break into cars to steal parts or items that are left inside, costing you money and the trouble of repairing damages.

At ABQ North Storage, we understand that you demand security, so we deliver exactly that! Throughout the premises, there are 24 high-resolution security cameras that monitor and record everything 24/7. Each unit is armed with an alarm system and there’s also a manager who lives on-site and patrols the facility day and night for extra security.

Damage Protection
In New Mexico, it’s not uncommon to experience extreme weather, or for that extreme weather to cause damage to your vehicle. The heat of the sun may fade paint or warp leather, hail storms can dent and scratch the body, and chipped or cracked windshields are made worse with the bitter cold of winter, all of which can be expensive to repair or maintain.

A vehicle is completely protected from all weather elements in an indoor car storage unit. Furthermore, half of the car storage units at ABQ North storage are climate controlled, meaning you can pre-set the temperature and humidity to prevent damage to your vehicle.

More Space
There’s a lot you can do with a little more space! Maybe you’d benefit from some extra storage or room in the garage, or perhaps you’ve imagined putting a hot tub or trampoline where your car is parked outside. Whatever you’ve envisioned, we’ll help you do it by freeing up some space when you store your vehicle with us!

Store Safely and Locally at ABQ North Storage!

If you’ve been searching for a car storage unit in Albuquerque, your search ends here with ABQ North Storage! We’re conveniently located in northern Albuquerque near I-25 and Montaño, making us an easily accessible location to store your possessions. Call us today at (505) 301-4485 for more information or to reserve your unit!